Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Publicity for Dystonia

Let's Be Heard!

The following was posted by a member of WEGO Health, a health advocacy site that I have joined. For those suffering with Dystonia AND for those who receive Botox injections for the Dystonia, please get on the bandwagon and make a call. More publicity about this disorder will potentially mean more services and awareness by others.

"I just called and spoke with a representative from http://www.allergan.com/ and I mentioned that I heard about a new spokesperson for Allergan and wondered why they don't talk about Dystonia since there are about 300,000 in North America alone with some form of Dystonia. David the rep said he agrees that Dystonia should also be added to the campaign. He wants me to call the Marketing Dept. at 800-347-4500. He said if a bunch of us call asking this question, we would have a good shot towards marketing for Dystonia. Please let me know your thoughts before I call the marketing dept. Is this worth a shot?"
(The above was a comment made on WEGO Health)

I called today and left a message for someone in the Marketing Department. Even if you do not get Botox injections, it would be good to call anyway. If this product can potentially offer publicity for our disorder, then we need to call. "There is power in numbers!"

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