Friday, July 17, 2009

What Have I Been Doing Lately: A New Section in My Blog

I am starting a "What Have I Been Doing Lately?" section. I am not done writing the "My Story" section. I did not realize how long "My Story" would take. I will keep writing, but sometimes I take a break.

"What Have I Been Doing Lately?" will focus on more up-to- date information about my health related issues. For example, if I go to the doctor, I may write about that visit.

Please keep reading "My Story" and the other posts. To keep up with my posts, it may be best to follow the "Labels" section which is to the right of this blog.

Once again, thanks for reading this blog. It is therapeutic for me to write, and I hope I'm helping someone in the process! Your comments also mean a lot. They let me know that others are reading this blog...and that keeps me motivated to keep on writing.

God Bless!

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