Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shortage of Natural Thyroid Hormone

The following message is in regards to the shortage and the future, potential unavailability of Natural Thyroid Hormone.

"We must unite and fight!!! We need better care by our Endocrinologists in the first place. Now, we need to ensure that patients' Endocrinological care gets better. We must ensure that Natural Thyroid Hormone only gets better and doesn't go away. Maybe, this is a blessing in disguise--as long as it doesn't last.

I can see the magazine articles, 'How would you like it if a medicine you needed to live was not available?' or 'Why Do Patients With Thyroid Disorders Receive Such Poor Quality of Care?' or 'Why Are Patients Who Have Thyroid Disorders Being Forced to Take Synthetic Thyroid Hormone?'...And the list of potential titles could go on and on. Let's bring the spotlight on this situation.

Let's make history: 'Facebook and Twitter Unite People who suffer from Thyroid Disorders.'"

My fellow brothers and sisters, please also visit Stop the Thyroid Madness group on Facebook as well and Save Natural Thyroid on Facebook.

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