Friday, August 21, 2009

My Story (Part Nine): Questions and Theories

In the last "My Story" post, I discussed how I visited an alternative doctor in search of some help for my medical conditions. That "doctor" turned out to be not worthy of my money. Although I invested a lot of money and time in dealing with this doctor, he ultimately was not the doctor for me.

But, as I said, tests that were ordered by this doctor did make me start to see that I didn't JUST have Dystonia and Grave's Disease and problems with my medication. But, there seemed to be some things going on with my gut. This doctor had ordered tests that most traditional doctors would not have ordered--stool tests, hair analysis, and blood test to detect a variety of things. Through these tests, which were analyzed by a reputable lab, I received insight into a wide range of factors including that my digestive enzyme levels were extremely low and that I had several infections within my intestines. The tests revealed intestinal infections such as Giardia, Toxoplasmosis, etc.

I am still wondering how I got all of these infections in my stomach. In looking back, I know that I suffered a bout of food poisoning (September/October 2007) due to my refrigerator not getting cold enough. Stupidly, I kept putting off buying a new refrigerator, but I eventually bought another refrigerator. Prior to the purchase, I did experience extensive issues with diarrhea --I kept saying I was going to the doctor. But, after a few weeks, the diarrhea stopped; Maybe the symptoms disappeared, because my food was at the correct temperature due to my buying the new refrigerator. That bout of food poisoning could just be a piece of the puzzle.

I will always have questions that include:

1. How did I get the stomach infections?

2. Why did I react so poorly/strangely to Synthroid for nine years?

3. How do I get rid of the infections and prevent the potential recurrence of infections?

4. Did intestinal damage help to cause my illnesses?

5. Did intestinal damage cause me to have so many vitamin deficiencies (i.e. due to malabsorption)?

6. Did my Autoimmune Disease help to cause my Dystonia and intestinal issues?

7. Did my medications (i.e. Thyroid medications, antidepressants) help to cause neurological damage?

8. Why did I develop so many food intolerances and how long did I unknowingly have food intolerances?

9. Did the "overdose" or combination of Thyroid medication coupled with my other meds at the time help to trigger the Dystonia?

These are just a few of the questions that I have regarding my situation. They may or may not ever be answered. All I can do is research various areas in science/medicine/alternative medicine and try to figure out as much as I can figure out. Will I ever know for sure? Probably not.

Bottom line--I believe that infections and enviornmental toxins (i.e. medicines, food intolerances, etc.) caused my system to break down. I am unsure as to the order in which these triggers occurred in my body.

The majority of the immune system is in the stomach. If that's not working properly, then you will potentially have a problem--especially if you are genetically prone to Autoimmune Disease (i.e. Grave's Disease). It just takes that trigger (i.e. stress, allergies, medications, infections, etc.) to throw everything off balance.

My doctors have no clue as to how I got Dystonia. I will always have my theories. My doctors (i.e. neurologists) have not taken the time to really analyze my medical history. They write it down on paper, but that is as far as it goes. From what I hear, that is the norm, unfortunately. But, for true understanding you must ask questions and create theories. But, it's easier for most doctors to say, "No, 'that' couldn't cause Dystonia," or "The medication is not causing 'that' problem." Talk about malpractice...Malpractice should include lack of thought and concern into a patient's case.

There are some things that we will never receive answers. I do believe that God has a plan, and that He will not always reveal why you go through something.

I don't pursue getting well and finding answers because I lack faith. Although I do get tired and weary sometimes, I pursue getting well and finding answers because I do have faith. I have faith that He will guide me in finding what He wants me to know.

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