Sunday, August 16, 2009

Have you had problems with Synthroid (A Synthetic Thyroid Hormone Replacement Medicine)?

I urge all of you who have used Synthroid and have had problems to visit Janie's blog at:

Thanks to Janie for her tireless work and linking us to valuable resources. I really appreciate it! I am passionate about offering my support in helping others to avoid the dangerous pitfalls of Synthroid and similar synthetic Thryoid meds. Doctors and the FDA need to be educated about the problems that Synthroid causes in some people. In addition, doctors/medical professionals need to be educated/trained on how to dose/prescribe desiccated thyroid hormone products.

Please visit the above blog. Read it! And, please complete as much as you can (i.e. the ratings on Synthroid). I have done three of the listed ratings. I will do more. I just have to pace myself. OPPORTUNITIES to tell the real deal about Synthroid are located at the BOTTOM of the page. PLEASE take the time! There is Power in Numbers. Let our voices (cries) be heard!!!!

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