Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Visit With My Doctor

I had an appointment with my internist. I needed her to fill out/update some paperwork regarding my leave from work. It went very well. This doctor was the first and only doctor to send me to a neurologist when I started showing symptoms of Dystonia.

We had a pleasant conversation. After filling out the paperwork she turned to me and said, "You know that in less than 100 years they'll be able to figure out the gene causing Dystonia and basically cure it."

From there we had a further discussion. She mentioned how my illness had genetic components. I told her that I agreed with that even though my genetic test came back negative. I totally theorize that there has to be a genetic component--it just takes the right trigger. Unfortunately, I had the right trigger (i.e. environmental, etc.) to get Dystonia.

She also mentioned ties between asthma and allergies. She discussed other illnesses and how researchers are finally making connections with allergies, genetics, etc. I'm glad that such research is going on. Hopefully this type of ongoing research will potentially help many people who are suffering from a variety of illnesses.

My doctor gave me a wonderful compliment by saying that she could tell that I was highly intelligent. My doctor inspired me to basically find my niche even if it's not being able to go back into the classroom as a teacher. As she said, "You can teach in other ways." Sometimes you just need to be inspired by others.

I told her that I really appreciated her taking the time to talk with me. I like the fact that a lot of her "out of the box" thinking is along the same lines of my thinking in terms of health and research.

My doctor encouraged me to keep reading and finding out information. She stated, "Sometimes the patient teaches the doctor." She even gave me a few book titles to read. I have NEVER had this type of conversation with any of my doctors.

I truly appreciate her taking the time with me. Thanks, Doctor. Hopefully, we can share again.


Sharon said...

Wow someone out there has heard me! Ive just been diagnosed about2 wks ago. Never heard of Dystonia,How did this happen to me? Im in perfect health 55 yrs old, nothing to indicate this. But I have had pain in neck for 5 yrs and Drs have tried everything. Recently my head wont stop shaking and pulling. Its hard to explain to others.They ask wjat did you do to get this? I dont know? maybe went to the mall and picked it out? Its good to vent cause I think the family gets sick of hearing about it...Talk to me!

Sharon said...
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ChyvonneB said...
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