Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am scheduled for a Colonoscopy. I am not looking forward to that. Last month, I had an Upper GI Endoscopy. That procedure went pretty well. I was nervous, but I passed out pretty quickly after all of the drugs were given to me through an IV.

The test revealed that I had about five Fundic Gland Polyps. Thankfully they were benign. But, the doctor asked if a I had a familial history of polyps, because it was unusual for someone my age to have these types of polyps (I'm 36). I have had a few relatives who have had polyps removed, but they are older than I am. Then again, I seem to get quite a few things that are out of the usual .

I was scheduled to have a Colonoscopy last year. During that time, I was so sick and had just been diagnosed with the Dystonia. Besides, I did attempt to go through with the procedure, but I kept getting sick (vomiting) after taking the preparation to clear the system. So, I took that as a sign that I didn't need to do it.

This time, they're giving me a different type of preparation. On the day prior to the procedure I can't eat or drink anything except clear fluids. I will be allowed to take my Thyroid medication in the morning. But, I am supposed to skip my afternoon dosage. That concerns me, because I get fatigued when I skip a dosage of my thyroid medication. On top of that, I'll be hungry too. I might not me the nicest person to be around on that day.

I pray that everything will be okay. I'm the first one of my friends to have this done. I feel special (Not!).

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