Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Suggested Magazine: Well Being Journal

If you're a fan of magazines such as Prevention and Women's Health or any other magazine associated with health, I think you'll enjoy reading Well Being Journal.

I came across this magazine in the library last year. This is a very interesting and informative magazine that takes it even further than the above magazines. By "takes it even further," I mean that the aim of this magazine is to herald "the integration of medicine with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of health."

The magazine offers helpful information on various topics such as Multiple Sclerosis, high blood pressure, and nutrition--to name a few. Well Being Journal also keeps you abreast of current health related controversies with articles such as Osteoporosis Meds: Adverse Effects?

A recent article, Multiple Sclerosis: A Healing Account discusses the journey of a lady who has MS. The patient has been symptom-free for eight years. She gives credit for her remission to her doctor who is a medical doctor and a naturopath.

During the first consultation, her doctor was optimistic about being able to improve and ultimately reverse her condition. She helped her by taking steps that included eliminating candida or yeast from her body, suggesting ways to reduce stress, encouraging her to increase her intake of Omega-3's, and by increasing her Vitamin C intake.

Once again, I highly recommend this magazine. The articles and references would be beneficial to anyone who is looking to maintain and/or improve their health.

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