Monday, June 22, 2009

A Common Theme: Diet and Autoimmune Disorders

I am finding a common theme in terms of diet and Autoimmune Disorders. As mentioned, The MS Recovery Diet is about how diet can help to reduce inflammation and flare-ups for many people who have The Autoimmune Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or MS.

Another common theme is that the doctors who treat patients with Autoimmune Diseases don't often mention the importance of food choices and antioxidants in the diet. The terms diet, exercise, antioxidants, stress, or anything that might remotely help, aside from medication, have NEVER been mentioned by any of my Endocrinologists over the last eight years. I have been reading that this is the case with many whom suffer from Autoimmune Diseases--the doctors test you and medicate you and send you on your merry way.

My questions is "Why is this the case with doctors?" Is it that they do not know? (That would be hard to believe, but you never know with some of them. I wonder how much of the medical school curriculum focuses on diet and exercise and stress reduction and inflammation--probably not much). Is it that they do not care? Is it about money? If you remain sick, they prescribe drugs, and...The pharmaceutical industry is a booming industry. There is money to be made. It truly makes you wonder.

A change in diet and lifestyle may not help to relieve symptoms in all patients who have Autoimmune Disorders. I believe it depends on many factors. Spiritually, I believe that God grants healing to some people. And, some people are not meant to be healed here on earth. However God does give us free will. So, I figure that it is worth a try to find out if something may help relieve some or all symptoms in relation to Autoimmune Disease and other illnesses. I have come across quite a few success stories.

I always love it when we are advised to consult with a doctor when trying vitamins and a change in diet. Well, I advise being careful with anything. It would be good to mention to your doctor that you may attempt a new diet and/or supplementation. But, unless you have an exceptional doctor, don't expect much in response. I've gotten responses like, "You can try it, but I've never heard a connection between food and..." I've even been tempted to take in books to show them evidence of these findings. I have mentioned articles and research I've done on the topic. But, I find that my doctors simply haven't been that interested. Although, I must note that my allergist has been more supportive than other doctors I've had. So, I am appreciative for that.

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kerrie said...

I totally agree with what you have blogged here - doctors seem to be all the same - even though we are on the other side of the world from each other - they seem to be happy to prescribe medication quickly without telling you about the side affects - they just fix the problem at hand and don't look at the overall. Then when you tell them about your new symptoms they fob them off - i get so frustrated with them and I don't listen to a word they say as I just don't trust's scary