Friday, January 29, 2010

What's Really in Our Food?

On a recent episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah discussed the importance of eating "real food" with author Michael Pollan.

On the show, Pollan discussed how we are being harmed by the foods that are being sold in typical grocery stores. He also shed light on many horrifying practices that are taking place within the food industry. For example, animals are being given tons of antibiotics in order to make them bigger, not healthier. In turn, we [meat eaters] are eating the animals in the form of chicken and steak dinners. While the food often looks and tastes good, we are actually eating products that are helping to make people sick and/or fat.

Consumers have the power to help change the way that the food manufacturing industry is allowed to operate. As Pollan says, we have the power three times a day--breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enough is enough. I agree that there needs to be a Food Revolution, because much of the stuff that we buy in the grocery store is junk filled crap (i.e. high fructose corn syrup).

At the end of the show, Oprah stated that the video, Food, Inc., can be ordered for $9.99 Friday--until midnight. Plus, there is also a free download of the movie if you order it. So, you can watch it immediately. In fact, I'm listening to the DVD as I am typing. It is very well done and so informative in that it exposes so much. I also ordered Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan.

I am excited that conversations are being initiated in magazines, on T.V. shows, and amongst individuals about how we can improve our health by eating healthier, safer foods. We, as consumers, need to let it be known that we don't want harmful dyes or other harmful additives placed into our food any longer; research has shown that dyes can cause hyperactivity in children.

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To order Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan, visit


Celia said...

There is a book written by Morgan Spurlock's girlfriend?wife that really changed how I eat. Alexandra Jamieson. It's called The Great American Detox Diet.

ChyvonneB said...


Thank you. I will look into finding this book.

kerrie said...

Hi Chyvonne - thanks for the book recommendations - I have ordered Food Rules - an eaters manual - and also The AutoImmune Epidemic - I am fascinated with how food has impacted on my health both negatively (in the past) and now positively. I have recently taken my 17year old to a health retreat and she now follows the same eating program as me - it has changed her life too - i am so glad that I have been able to show her a better way to eat for health at such a young age - hopefully she will not go through years of yo-yo dieting like me - and will lead a healthier life. Thanks for the info you constantly post it is really helpful. Maybe Graves' has a positive side - I would never have delved into nutrition if I hadn't had this condition and I'm sure without your problems you would not spend the time and effort you do researching either - Thanks again - keep up the good work ....Kerrie

ChyvonneB said...

Hi Kerrie,


Illness is totally what made me start looking into nutrition, exercise, etc.

You'll enjoy reading both books. Food Rules is an easy read. The Autoimmune Epidemic is a bit more intense but great info.

I heard the author of Food Rules on the radio yesterday. Hopefully, he and others with similar messages will be even more visible/vocal in the future because he has so much to say--that needs to be heard--about the issues with the food industry. I hope it is truly the start of a revolution.

I love that you and your daughter went to a health retreat. That is too cool. The best time to learn about health is when they're young.