Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thyroid Disorders: why don't T4 only meds work for everyone?

I happened to stumble upon http://www.iwantmyt3.com/t3-test-questions.htm. On this site, Dr. Bouc discusses Thyroid disorders and why T4 only meds (i.e. Synthroid and Levoxyl) are not effective for everyone.

As a visual learner, I like that he uses repetition and drawings to relay the info. His diagram helped to further explain and help me to understand the reasons why T4 meds are not always effective.

I especially like the part where Dr. Bouc says, "Just telling someone that their Thyroid is normal based on a their TSH level being normal is insanity. You should tell that doctor to have some Prozac." I'd love to say that to quite a few of my doctors--past and present.

It was easier for docs to push antidepressants down my throat versus listening to my numerous complaints that it was possibly my medication (T4 only or Synthetic Thyroid Hormone) that was causing the problem. Gee, isn't it interesting that I can function without an antidepressant now that I'm taking Natural Thyroid Hormone instead of Synthetic Thyroid Hormone.

I just hope that those who have been suffering on T4 only meds will realize that there are alternative treatment options that might work for them. Searching the Internet and becoming a part of a knowledge based group is a great start.

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