Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Suggested Article: "The Agonies of Being Thyroidless"

For anyone contemplating RAI due to Grave's Disease or another condition that has affected the thyroid, please check out the following site at:

I have had RAI as treatment for Grave's Disease. Since then, there is a little more information out there about this procedure--thanks to patients and advocates who have gone through it and know the associated problems that can occur as a result of destroying the thyroid. Unfortunately, many doctors are quick to suggest RAI because it is a "quick" and "convenient" method of TREATING the disease. However, destroying the thyroid does not cure the underlying disease.

I, like many others, have had major issues as a result of destroying my thyroid function through RAI. Unfortunately, I followed my doctor's advice. So, as I said, I suggest doing the research and heavily weighing your options (i.e. natural therapies to get your conditon under control).

Please know, Grave's Disease must be resolved or you risk other issues such as heart problems and osteoporosis to name a few; doing nothing is not an option. In the end, a more drastic approach such as RAI may be necessary. But, I suggest trying other options first.

My mother has a friend who has a 14 year-old-son with Grave's Disease. Unfortunately, the young man is about to undergo RAI, because antithyroid meds have been ineffective at putting him into remission. Of course, his doctors tell him that most people do well after RAI. Well, this doctor hasn't talked to me or others who haven't done so well. I hope and pray this young man does well. It just breaks my heart that this is his only option.

Hopefully, the future will bring better options for treating conditions that affect the Thyroid!

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