Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grave's Disease Resources

The following are resources that give information about Grave's Disease. Remember: Grave's Disease doesn't only cause hyperthyroidism. Yes, Grave's Disease is an Autoimmune Disorder that often affects the thyroid. But, GD has the potential to affect various bodily functions regardless of the overactive thyroid being treated with medication or radioactive iodine.

Even though I've been on this GD roller coaster for at least 10 years, I only started looking into the effects of diet and other factors (i.e. medications, intestinal issues, food intolerances, etc.) when I started developing more illnesses (i.e. Osteopenia, high cholesterol, and Cervical Dystonia--to name a few). Currently, I am reading a book about inflammation (an underlying issue with most illnesses).

Today, I did a few searches: "salt and Grave's Disease" and "foods to avoid with Grave's Disease." I have posted some interesting links below.








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