Monday, November 23, 2009

The Story of a Man Who Had Sarcoidosis

Below, there is a link to a story about a man named David McClendon, a former newspaper editor. McClendon lived 15 years with Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease. With Sarcoidosis, "the body's defenses attack vital organs, including lungs, kidneys, heart, etc. The attacks cause scarring and the scar tissue clump together." Unfortunately, Mr. McClendon recently lost his battle with the disease.

I have never met McClendon. I have never heard of McClendon. But, this story "came to me," and I felt the need and desire to share it. Within the article about McClendon, there is a link to McClendon's blog in which I was able to get an idea about what it's like for people who live with Sarcoidosis. In reading through the blog, I was able to get an idea about his personality and his sense of humor.

As I read parts of McClendon's blog, I was saddened knowing that he is no longer on this earth--may he rest in peace. However, I am glad that he left behind a piece of himself which will hopefully educate others about living and struggling with Sarcoidosis.

Article that discusses David McClendon:

David McClendon's blog:

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