Sunday, November 1, 2009

Drug Induced Drowsiness: The Effects of Taking Flexeril

I started taking Flexeril, a strong muscle relaxant prescribed for the severe muscle spasms in my neck. The reason I don't like medicine is because I seem to be a magnet for side effects. I prayed that Flexeril would be different. But, there went that magnet again...My heart flutters even more and the medicine makes me extremely drowsy.

When I take it (one pill), I feel literally drugged for quite a while. When I take Flexeril, I always take it in the evening, because I know that I will be no good at all if I take it during the day. The next day I feel all tingly and sort of like I am there but not there. I don't like that feeling. It takes at least a day and a half to two days for it to wear off. Actually, I want to say that I still have it in my system even after two days.

My prescription says to take it three times a day. Boy, I would really feel like a zombie if I took it three times a day! So, I've been taking it at the height of spasms--when I can't take the discomfort of tightened neck muscles anymore. So, I've been taking it a few times a week (one pill per day; a few times a week).

The Flexeril helps to loosen the muscles in my neck a little. But, I can't seem to fully enjoy the effects, because I can't mentally focus due to the drug induced drowsiness. I've also noticed that the muscles in the front of my neck tighten up more once the Flexeril starts to wear off. I have no idea why that seems to be happening.

Also, I've noticed actual pain shooting up, occasionally, in my right arm and the left side of my neck. This used to be common (pain and spasms all over), but Botox shots have helped to cover the pain, to a certain extent, in these areas. I'm not sure if the reoccurring pain is because the effects from the last Botox shot are wearing off and I need another shot or if it's because the weather is becoming colder and rainier.

I am scheduled for another Botox shot during the middle of November. Hopefully, I will receive more relief for the constantly spasming right side of my neck. That would be wonderful.


Karen said...

Hi - I wanted you to know that I have used this muscle relaxer for different symptoms for several years. It also makes me very sleepy and, like you, I swear one pill is in my system for two days. However, I found that using 1/2 or even 1/4 of a pill for my symptoms gave me the same measure of relief without the side effect. I think we are just "over-relaxed" with a whole pill!

ChyvonneB said...


Thanks for the advice. I'll keep trying to play with the dosage.