Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it Dystonia or a Hoax?

Is the story about Desiree Jennings, the cheerleader who got Dystonia from the Flu Vaccination a hoax? There are stories circulating that this young woman does not actually have Dystonia.

Dystonia is a neurological disorder that causes muscles to contract involuntarily. Often, doctors are not able to pinpoint the exact cause of the disorder. This is true in the case of many neurological disorders and diseases such as Parkinson's Disease which is idiopathic in nature or does not have a determined origin.

Like Parkinson's Disease, it is speculated that Dystonia may be caused by genetics and/or environmental toxins that have assaulted the neurological system of people with the disorder. Currently, there is not a cure for either disorder.

There are many types of Dystonia. As in my case, the muscles in my neck contract involuntarily. For others, the eyes are affected. In some cases, the person's whole body is affected by the disorder. The commonality of the disorder is that there are spasms and pain involved in all cases. There are treatments options--including Botox injections, potent muscle relaxants, and an invasive brain surgery procedure (DBS)--that work for some and not for others.

I will be interested,in the days to come, to see whether or not this young lady has actually been stricken with Dystonia or not. If it turns out that Jennings has intentionally lied about having symptoms of Dystonia, it will be unfortunate for all of the people who have actually been stricken with this painful disorder.

We don't want to be exploited. We just want to bring awareness to this disorder in hopes of more funding for research and better treatment options.


Anonymous said...

Its a HOAX. DOnt even get me started on this chick.. first of all you dont go to a physical therapist for a diagnosis... the things she has claimed that I cannot even post due to legal reasons are so out there its just jaw dropping. Fox News even retracted their report on this girl. Its horrible that so many americans already donated to what they thought was a great cause and instead it was a hoax, her intentions.. i dont know but they obviously weren't good and on top of that Federal Laws were broken.. ouch.. some people are going to be in some hott water on this one

Anonymous said...

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