Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woman Develops Dystonia After Receiving the Flu Shot

Is it possible to get Dystonia after receiving the Flu shot?

Anything is possible. In regards to the young woman who developed Dystonia throughout her body after receiving the flu shot, my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. She is obviously in a great deal of discomfort as Dystonia is a painful disorder that causes the muscles to spasm uncontrollably.

On one news show that I viewed, an ER doctor accused the young woman of having a psychogenic case of Dystonia or in other words, it's all in her head. Is this possible? Yes, there are many cases in which people have psychogenic illnesses. However, in viewing footage of this woman, I believe that she unfortunately has Dystonia.

On the same news program, the reporter who intereviewed the ER doctor about this case brought up a very valid point. He brought up the fact that there were cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome, an illness that affects the neurological system, that were directly associated with people receiving the Swine Flu Vaccination in the 1960's. All the good doctor could say is, "That's true."

It's funny how when something is inexplicable, doctors and people in general often try to label the person as a nut case. That's like saying, "You have symptoms of a cold, but we can't prove exactly why you have the symptoms of a cold. So, you could not possibly have a real cold." That's ridiculous!

Should people be afraid of receiving the Flu shot?
In my opinion, people should be leary of anything that they put into their bodies. However, as statistics state, this woman had a reaction that might affect one in a million people. With that being said, it's no different than the millions of children getting the MMR series of vaccinations and some of them becoming Autistic shortly after. While this is a controversial topic, it makes sense that some unlucky few will have a reaction to any substance.

I just wish that it were possible to determine individual health risks before taking these types of vaccinations. Although there is a way to test the function of the immune system before giving children the MMR series of vaccinations, the test is not widely administered by doctors.

While I have Cervical Dystonia which mainly affects my neck--which is painful and uncomfortable enough, I could not imagine having this disorder throughout the whole body. I pray that the Lord gives this woman great emotional strength, because she will need it. Although there is no cure for the disorder, I pray the Lord grants a miracle and heals this young lady.

Below is footage of the woman who developed Dystonia after receiving the Flu shot.

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