Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Communication and Chronic Illness

When faced with illness, it is very important to communicate with others who are going through a similar issue. As I have been afflicted with a few unusual illnesses/disorders, I have found that talking with others in the same or a similar boat can be helpful.

If you can't find someone to talk with through a local support group, there are online websites that deal solely with specific illnesses. As a person who has Dystonia, for example, I have not come across any local support groups. But, I was able to find a group of people who have Dystonia on WEGO health, an online health website. On this site, I found out a lot of information about the disorder including the various treatments and how differently each person is afflicted by this disorder.

I also have a friend who has Multiple Sclerosis. While our issues are different in many ways, we can still relate to many of the same things. We often discuss the emotional side of dealing with chronic illness. She understands having lost so much at such an early age. We also lift each other up through prayer and positive words.

When facing a chronic illness, it is easy to get depressed and to feel isolated. One day you are up and the next day you might be down. It helps to get those feelings out. It helps to communicate with those who are going through similar. If you can't get out, hopefully you can find a website in which you can share your concerns and questions.

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