Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Am Currently Reading: Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy

Currently, I am reading Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy. As you might know, McCarthy's son had been diagnosed with Autism. McCarthy has done everything she can to try and reverse this illness in her son.

The book discusses McCarthy's theory on how childhood vaccinations might be triggering Autism to develop in certain children. Her book also discusses how certain therapies such as dietary changes have helped to relieve many of her son's symptoms.
McCarthy is not saying that she is against vaccinations. She is just saying that it is possible that some children's immune systems are not strong enough to handle the load of vaccinations that are given to them. Also, McCarthy is not claiming that she has an Autism 'cure' for all children. She simply details what has worked for her son.

I am totally on board with McCarthy's thinking. In the face of belittlement from some in the medical community and others, I commend McCarthy for being strong and searching for answers. More importantly, I commend her for sharing her journey with others through books and personal appearances.

Keep fighting, Jenny! I believe that you are helping so many people and their children!
McCarthy has been on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She will be on The Doctors this week.

I look forward to finishing Mother Warriors. I also look forward to reading another book that she has written on the topic called Louder Than Words.

I will be continuing the "My Story" segments. I just need a break ...Thanks for reading!
I finished reading Mother Warriors. The end of the book had me in tears. But, the book was excellent. McCarthy is taking a stance to bring awareness to the fact that many cases of Autism are potentially being triggered by vaccinations. Hopefully, we will soon see a "green" schedule of vaccinations that reduces the amount of shots in the vaccination schedule and eliminates the mercury and aluminum in the vaccinations. It will be a great day when more doctors realize and/or acknowledge that the toxic load in these vaccinations are causing Autism in many children.

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Keisha said...

Sounds like a great book! It is encouraging to hear a testimony of someone who used non traditional medical practices and it worked!! Most doctors today just prescribe drugs to treat symptoms but have no cure.