Thursday, July 15, 2010

Any insight into The ST Recovery Clinic?

I believe that I have asked this question before. I'm not sure who is reading this blog (Hopefully, a few people...). But, my question is for anyone (with Cervical Dystonia) who has worked with The ST Recovery Clinic, under the guidance of Abby Brown.

I know the program does not claim to offer a cure for the disorder. But, I was wondering if anyone can attest to the program having worked to make the symptoms of CD easier to deal with. I would love to talk with someone who has tried the program.

As, it is expensive. But, I've gone through physical therapy which is also expensive. Due to no fault of the PTs, treatment is sort of a guessing game, to a large extent. My last PT apologized for not being able to help me more. He did his best. It's just the nature of the beast...

So, if anyone has been a "pateint" under The ST Recovery Clinic and has any feedback, please share with me. I think many of us who are suffering with the discomfort and pain of this disorder would appreciate it.

Thank you

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