Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Documentary: My Father, My Brother, and Me

In the latest edition of Neurology Now, there is an article featuring PBS Frontline's Dave Iverson. He discusses his struggle with Parkinson's Disease. He also discusses his documentary, My Father, My Brother, and Me. This documentary appeared on PBS last week. However I was able to watch the entire documentary at

Anyone who has Parkinson's Disease or knows anyone with the neurodegenerative disorder should view this documentary. In fact, anyone with any type of neurological and/or chronic disorder should view this documentary.

The documentary covers lots of territory in regards to Parkinson's Disease. The potential benefits of exercise in terms of possibly reducing the affects of Parkinson's are discussed in the film. In addition, stem cell research is also addressed.

All I can say is that this documentary is extremely informative as it sheds light on potential cures for this disease. It surely gives a sense of hope for patients who are suffering from Parkinson's Disease.

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